Hi, I am Yurii Kobets.  I am a software engineer, developing high traffic, scalable products. 8 years of experience in iOS application development, backend, and full-stack development.

In my career, I have developed many projects such as social networks, medical applications, travel, and entertainment software. I developed a Booking.com travel application with millions of users traffic and solutions for tracking millions of vehicles via the GPS.  In this blog, you can read some tech articles on different topics. My CV is here.

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My knowledge and experience:  



  • Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, JavaScript  
  • iOS SDK  
  • IDE: Xcode, AppCode  
  • Cocoa Touch frameworks: UIKit, CoreFoundation, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, MapKit, AddressBook, EventKit, MediaPlayer, MessageUI, StoreKit, Core Audio, Core Data, Reactive  
  • Objective-C, Swift
  • JavaScript, React Native
  • Java, Python, Ruby, Perl


  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • Hadoop, Hive


  • Java SE 6, 7, 8  
  • Android SDK    


  • Bluetooth 2 - 4, BLE, wearable devices integration (healthcare, smartphones)
  • Printers (AirPrint, Google Cloud Print)    

Concepts: OOP, OOD, Unit Tests, Test Driven Development  

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall  

Version control software: git, svn  

Other: iTunes Connect, Google Play submission, continuous integration (Jenkins)   Education: Georgia Institute of Technology.  

Companies I worked for:Verizon Connect (Fleetmatics), Booking.com


Booking.com iOS application https://goo.gl/YhQzT9

  • Created in-app marketing channels: banners, pop-up systems to promote deals and rewards in the product and drive channel shift in marketing
  • Lead feature development in marketing department
  • Created and integrated API system of delivering rewards to users. Integration with machine learning for proposing users optimal reward. Very scalable solution delivering campaigns for millions of users
  • Created post-booking iOS infrastructure: canceling, modifying booking, persistence
  • Created a system for collection user reviews
  • The full cycle of development: architecture, coding, testing and release of iOS application
  • Feature development, collecting requirements, data analysis. Backend, API
  • A/B tests, integration tests
  • Hadoop/Hive queries, Business intelligenceTechnologies: Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, UIKit, Python, Perl, Java, Core Data, JavaScript, React Native

Fleetmatics REVEAL Manager App

  • Developing of core features, Application refactoring using CLEAN architecture Improved the app stability, crash-free users rate is 99.9%
  • Prototyping and R&D  

Used technologies: Android SDK, REST API, Google Maps, Unit testing    

Developed iOS application Fleetmatics REVEAL Field App

Used technologies: iOS, Google Maps, REST API, Unit testing  

HealthCare project. Management of patients' surveys  

Projects and main responsibilities:

  • Created an internal framework: networking, database, encryption  
  • Continuous Integration  
  • API integration  

The virtual healthcare service  Online consultation system.  

  • the authentication with REST API and Facebook OAuth
  • Javascript bridge for communication with the web application
  • Core Data persistence layer
  • Real­time video communication integration

Used technologies: Core Data, multithreading, UIKit, JavaScript Сore, REST API, AFNetworking, APNS, Web­RTC